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Double Hair Color Processing at Home
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Double Hair Color Processing at Home
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Hair coloring used to be a special treatment only accomplished by traveling to the salon and paying a stylists a high dollar. Now, with a huge selection of home hair care products, home color treating has become an every day activity. But, with time everything changes and now one color is not enough. Styles and fashions require multiple hair treatments in one sitting and again we are at the beck and call of the salon stylists. Double processing hair with multiple colors can be accomplished at home. With a little care and attention to detail, you can take back your wallet and change your hair color whenever you so desire.

Double hair color processing will begin with the base color. This color is the one you wish to remain the predominant color on the hair. Begin the double coloring process by dyeing your hair this base color. After the time required has lapsed, rinse the hair color from the hair, but do not use the conditioner that is included in the bottle.

After your hair is rinsed free from all of the base dye color, you can move on to the second step in the double coloring process. This step involves preparing your hair for the second color. First, add a hair product to your hair. This product can be a gel, mousse or hair spray. This product will “dirty” your hair for the second step of the double coloring process. After adding the product, blow dry your hair into the normal shape of your finished hair style.

Now, you will move on to the second color of the double color process. This color is normally used as a highlight and will not be placed all over the hair as was done with the base color. If you are highlighting, proceed with the instructions on the highlighting color kit. If you are trying for a wilder style, try chunking multiple colors at once throughout the hair. Whichever path you choose, this second step is the step used to develop the finished colored product. After the highlights have processed, rinse the hair again. This time, use all of the tubes of conditioner provided in the hair color kits at the same time. Leave the conditioner on the hair for a minimum of 10 minutes. After conditioning your newly double colored hair, rinse away the conditioner and style as usual.

Double coloring offers the ability to change hair color on an as wanted basis. No longer do you have to pay hundreds of dollars for a stylists to spend hours double processing your hair. Today, products are safe and easy to use at home and the double coloring process is a fun way to express your inner self on the outside.


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